Shyam Shiksha Mahavidyalaya

Vision and Mission statements of the institution

The leadership of  Shyam Shiksha Mahavidalaya, Sakti  strives to create conducive environment ensuring involvement of all the staff and students through a participatory process in achieving the vision/mission and goals of the institution.The leadership  visualized meeting the present, emerging and changing educational needs of the society in general, and those of the weaker people in particular. 

College’s vision is to grow quantitatively as well as qualitatively and bring out competent qualified teachers to serve our society and country with their talent and ability”.  The talented product is expected to carry name of the College to every part of the country and earn name to the college as one of the bests in its category.

Mission –

The mission of the college is to provide an environment that challenges the students’ intellect through academic excellence, emphasizing further on inculcating values thus transforming them into socially responsible individuals.

Decentralization  and transparency practice –

The administration is decentralized under the Management the College and  is managed by Principal with the support and encouragement from the top management. The Principal functions in democratic style. Freedom is given to the principal and all the teacher educators to take decisions to smoothly conduct various activities of the college.

 The administrative functions of the college are mostly carried out in a participatory manner through committees. Many administrative decisions of the institution are taken in the meetings of the of various committees Teaching unit is given sufficient autonomy in taking decisions about the conduct of academic programmes. Teaching, evaluation and feed back systems are developed by the individual units according to local situations.  

Academic Autonomy –

For effective and efficient transaction of teaching and learning processes, a proper hierarchy of management has been designed so as to coordinate at each level of management. There exists an efficient decentralized system of administration in that various committees perform academic and administrative responsibilities.

The Principal –

  • Plays the key leadership role. He provides required direction for college development
  • Interacts with students and the faculty so as to locate the trouble areas which may bother, and guide the teachers as to how to eliminate them.
  • Ensures attendance and discipline of the College.
  • Ensures coverage of course content and other activities of the course by being involved.
  • Pays routine as also surprise visits to library, staff room and classes. It helps him keeping a close track of every situation and development.
  • Does reporting of daily activities to the representative of governing body.
  • Performance Appraisal System – IQAC of the institute has devised Performance Appraisal which assesses performance on five-point scale IQAC recommends incremental growth of the faculty as well as the institution is judged on the basis of the outcome of the Performance Appraisal Assessment.