Shyam Shiksha Mahavidyalaya



The College is well-known for the Green and Clean Campus.  With the aim of developing the sense of responsibility towards nature conservation among students, the college had made several measures and had been consistently performing them.  Rain water harvesting, waste management, water recycling system, sewage treatment, reuse of e-waste, recycling of paper waste, ban of plastics, etc  are the initiatives taken by the institution.  These enable in conserving nature and wellbeing of the community.  The college follows the below practices to maintain a green environment.


  1. Raising public understanding of environmental issues.
  2. To recognise one’s obligation to practice energy conservation.
  3. Putting in place acceptable waste management practices.
  4. To lessen waste generation for all initiatives and activities on campus.
  5. To start employing water management and conservation techniques.
  6. To promote environmentally friendly behaviour both on and off campus.
  7. To maintain hygienic conditions on campus.
  8. To offer a clean, healthy environment free of pollution.


 To utilize the renewable energy sources efficiently, the college had formulated Alternative Energy Sources Policy and implemented the same.  Utilization of the alternative energy enables the stakeholders to initiate, volunteer and be a part of environmental protection.  This also allows availing these energy resources for a variety of purpose within the campus.


  • To enrich the green cover
  • Decrease CO2emission
  • Minimize the use of non-renewable energy
  • Reduce the Air Pollution
  • Access to clean and hygienic environment